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“Access is Denied” error when accessing ASP.NET SOAP web service from SoapClient.js !!!

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May 10, 2011 at 9:32 AM

Hi, I have added a .asmx file to my project and am deploying the ASP.NET website with the .asmx file to:

I am using SoapClient.js to get the data (it is available from: Now when on a page in the website, (in the same project), I try to access the webservice, I get the error: "Access is Denied" from the line of code in SoapClient.js which retreives the WSDL file

Now from what i read and understand, it could be due to XSS, but I added my "localhost" (for testing) as well as the web location to my Trusted Sites in IE.

Also, in my SoapWebservice the namespace is set to

Please help me as to how can I resolve the error??

Also, when I hit the following URL in my browser, I can see the WSDL of my service!!